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    Celtic Field Sports, Ireland, your one stop destination for deer hunting / deer stalking and game shooting in Ireland, the UK, Europe and Worldwide on the following species ~ Red deer, Sika deer, Roe deer, Fallow deer and Muntjac. We also offer pheasant, pigeon, woodcock, game and vermin shooting not to mention some of the finest Salmon, Trout and Coarse fishing in Ireland. Deer hunting / stalking is carried out in woodlands, private estates, open plains and mountain side...

    Why choose Celtic Field Sports?

    We are located 40 minutes away from Dublin Airport Ireland
    and specialize in custom deer hunting / stalking and game hunting packages in Ireland, the UK, Europe and worldwide to suit all budgets. You can find the costs and details for some of our various hunting packages Here or alternatively Email us for any queries you may have.
    We also have
    Trout fishing and salmon fishing in Ireland which is renowned all over the world. Ireland also has some of the biggest pike found in Europe.We also offer bird shooting, both upland game birds, wildfowling and vermin shooting for foxes, rabbits, grey crow and magpies. We have an abundance of wild game and private estate shooting for world class trophies. Our guides at Celtic Fields Sports are the best in the business ensuring that you have a successful hunt and a pleasant and memorable stay.
    Our Accomodation
    is primarily based at Broomfield Lodge near to the Wicklow mountains which has been built especially to cater to the outdoorsman. There are eight bedrooms, all with their own private bathrooms, in addition there is a jacuzzi room available as well. We cater to all age groups, corporate and families. Depending on hunting locations in Ireland and the UK other high quality lodge's are used.broomfield lodge

    From Dan Adler
    Best of the West TV
    Diamond Outfitters of Arizona

    "Hunting with Celtic Field Sports is 100% authentic Ireland. Plush accommodations, great food, unbelievable sightseeing and mountains overflowing with wildlife, what a hunt! 8 animals in 6 days, my wife and I cannot wait to come back!"

    Muntjac & Roe Deer UK


    The Muntjac found in England  (M.reevesi) is a true survivor often describe as a walking fossil – the history of most deer can be tracked back to 1 million years or so – the Muntjac precedes this and has walked the Earth with creatures such as giant beavers and Mastodons.

    The Roe Deer is one of the native deer in the UK which you will find spread widely across most of the British Isles. The Roe Deer has existed in the UK since the Ice Age and the numbers have grown to record levels since the introduction of Deer Management Program back in 1963.