World Class Fishing in Belize

Come and relax on our idyllic private island in sunny Southern Belize, and spend your time doing exactly what you enjoy most - fishing, scuba diving, snorkelling or free dive for Lionfish, Lobster and Conch or do it all!!!


Based on a Caribbean island situated on the Continental shelf where there are barely other fishing boats or divers, this is a fisherman or diver’s dream!  Here you'll have the chance to fish alongside some of Belize's finest fisherman.  Fish on the shelf for the big Wahoo, Barracuda’s and Kingfish.  And, bottom fish for the big Snappers, Groupers and Jacks.  We also offer fly-fishing, so there's something for everyone.


One the biggest benefits is the variety of fish. Our focus is on maintaining sustainable practices, so only non-threatened species will be consumed on the island.  Nothing will go to market and if the fish is not sustainable we will catch and release only.


Catch a delicious seafood dinner, then give yourself a break and go for a dive or snorkel!  We welcome divers of all levels.  Or, help us rid the invasive Lionfish by free diving with a spear!  Or, free dive for your Lobster and/or Conch dinner! (Seasonal).

Everything you need to know about your Belize trip can be found here.