Deer Stalking in Ireland's best locations

Hunting RED STAG in Ireland

Red stags are found across Ireland in both woodland and mountain side and on private estates. We have access to world class red stags on private estate. Our hunting range covers over 80,000 acres. We also have some of the best private estates to hunt world class trophy stags. Red deer cannot be hunted in County Kerry as they are the only true native herd(s) left in Ireland. The rest of the Red deer population across Ireland is of English park, German lowland and New Zealand descent that have interbred with the native reds. The red stags range from 8 points to 30 points. Estate stags are far superior over the wild red stags that range across Ireland in both body size and antler mass. The hunting season is September 1st to Feb 31st. The prime time or (rut) is the middle of September through to the end of October. There is nothing like the roar of the red stag and  to watch them challenge other stags in there territory on an early frosty mourning, it will send chills up your spine... The body size will vary from 400lbs to 600lbs. The females are called hinds which calve in mid May. Their diet consists of acorns, farmers crops and wild grasses. These majestic creatures are a trophy to be had!